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Kindle Touch 3G, but Not Really…

October 5th, 2011 | by admin |

If you wanted to purchase the newly renovated Kindle Touch 3G eReader for its reliable Internet connection and blazing fast browsing capabilities, you should probably take your money to another tablet distributor. You’re going to have to stick with another tablet, Android Phone, or iPhone if you want to access the full and open Internet on a device.
This version of the Kindle might be better suited for the product’s traditional use. Because it lacks the processing capabilities of the new Kindle Fire and the rest of the available tablets, it would not make sense to want to do anything else but read on it. The screen is just touch, not even color. Playing games and other rich media endeavors is not a good idea on the device.
According to a report on Mashable, Amazon played it really sneaky when they said that the new Kindle Touch allows users to access the Amazon store, Wikipedia, book downloads, and newspaper downloads, but no full on Internet browsing. You can still access any website you like through a Wi-Fi connection, but this really hinders the true 3G, anywhere, anytime feeling you get with another device. The price of the system has gone down because its newest sibling is set to retail for $199.
The Kindle Fire will introduce Amazon into the actual tablet game. With its highly recognized name, easily digestible price, and easy to use features; there is no doubt that it will be a major player against the iPad. It would be nice to have the equivalent on a cheaper model, but paying an extra $50 for a far superior product might not be too much of a stretch for most.
The one good point of this Kindle Touch 3G is that the screen is non reflective. Instead of fumbling around outside with a normal tablet, this one is geared specifically for reading. It might help improve the reading rate of America by giving a high tech, easy to see option that is relatively affordable. Schools across the country might invest in them instead of purchasing new books. This will engage students more and teach them to read for fun.
Whether you want to use your Kindle for web browsing or just reading books, Amazon has the perfect product for you. It might not be as cool as the iPad, but it definitely serves its purpose.

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