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Gmail for mobile now supports multiple sign-ins

September 22nd, 2011 | by admin |

Google introduced multiple sign-in for Gmail for Mobile and along with it they have also introduced two new features Vacation Auto-Responder and Mobile-specific signature on Gmail for Mobile.

Multiple sign-in support:
Now to sign into multiple accounts simultaneously. To sign into an additional account, click on the account switcher at the bottom of the threadlist, then click ”Sign into an another account.” You can quickly switch between accounts by selecting the desired account from the Accounts menu.

Vacation Auto-Responder:
Now you can set your auto-reply using the mobile interface. Simply choose a start and end date and specify your message, just like on the desktop interface.

Mobile-specific signature:
To create a mobile signature, from the menu view, press the new settings icon, choose your signature, and then check the box that tells us you want to activate it. If you ever want to disable the mobile signature, you can uncheck the box and we will use your desktop signature instead.

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