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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Chromebook

July 3rd, 2011 | by admin |

Google Chromebook Acer

You must have heard some news over internet and blogs about the new Google chromebooks they are coming very soon.Peoples are having different views about the success of this new type of laptops from google.Google chromebooks has some advantages and disadvantages but it depends on the nature of your work, will it suitable for you or not.
After reading multiple reviews and watching videos of chromebooks, i have gathered some points about the advantages and disadvantages of Google chromebook, these points will definitely help you out in making the decisions to buy Google chromebook or not.

Lets start from Advantages first

1) Faster Bootup

When you are ready to start your daily routine computer work then waiting for the computer to boot up, is really not a very good thing.One of the most important feature of Google chromebook is that it boots very quickly.It will boot in 2-3 seconds, google promises :)

2) Google ID login

As google is using a single id on all of its apps gmail,docs,spreadsheets,analytics and other apps.It will be using your same google id to login at your chromebook,So you won’t need to worry about creating up user account and setting up Permissions for them.

3) No need to configure anything.

Whenever you install windows,linux or any other OS there are some configurations which needs to be done first time after installing the OS.These config are a headache for a non-techie user google chromebook will eliminate this thing you just need to power on your new chromebook and you are ready to go.

4) Time sync from internet

Date and time settings will be automatically synced from internet.

5) Cloud Computing.

All of your docs and other data and settings will be stored on google’s cloud, so in case your laptop is crashed or any other mishap happens then you won’t need to worry about your important data as it is stored and save on google’s servers.You will need to get a new chromebook and login with your id and everything will be same :)


1) Different keyboard layout

Keyboard layout has been changed a bit in chromebook there is no caps lock available also the functional keys have been removed.So you will have to re-set your hands in this new layout.I am gonna post the picture below of this new layout.

Google chromebook keyboard

2) Limited OS

OS in chrome book has very limited options available it lacks most of the basic functions which should be there.

3) Application compatibility

Google chromebook will not support any software of the windows,Linux or mac apps and it doesn’t have many apps yet.So you will have to wait for its apps to be released even skype isn’t available for chromebook.

4) Internet is everything

As the OS of google chromebook is very limited and it syncs most of the things from internet so it will be nothing execpt an error page of internet not available.This is one of the most biggest disadvantage of google chromebook.Google is working on this and have promised that some features will be available offline in future chromebooks.

5) No Printer driver

Google chromebook won’t have printer driver,so you won’t be able to print the documents from USB.To print the document you need to have an internet connected printer and prints will be handled via google cloud printing services :( .I am sure you don’t want your print to be routed on internet to get printed.

6) Basic File manager.

File manager of chromebook is very basic although it shows all type of files but not able to view/play very basic files.e.g. mp3.avi and other media files.

Google chromebook has advantages and disadvantages as mentioned above now its up to you to buy this new type of laptop from google or not.

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