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Gmail mobile web app now allows to undo certain actions

April 19th, 2011 | by admin |


Google added a new feature to Gmail mobile web app, which allows users to undo certain actions. Now Gmail mobile web app will allow users to undo four key actions: archive, delete, add or remove a label, or move a message/conversation. When you take one of these actions, Gmail displays a yellow bar that recaps what you just did and allows you to undo it. This bar stays in position even if you move to another screen (e.g. moving to ‘Menu’ from ‘Inbox’).

The other features of Gmail mobile web app includes:
* Enter keywords to find the exact message you’re looking for. It works just like Google search.
* Use stars to indicate a note is special. Organize your email with labels.
* Tidy up your inbox with fewer clicks.
* Replies are grouped in a single thread, making it easier to understand the context of a message.
* Perform batch actions. It stays with you no matter where your are.
* Offine access, spam filtering, keyboard shortcuts, address auto-complete, and many more!

To try these features, open in your mobile browser.

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