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Google Update YouTube Annotations to Make it More Easier

December 10th, 2010 | by admin |

Google announced YouTube annotations in June 2008 to allow people get even more creative with their videos and add layers of information. One in five YouTube video views shows annotations and many of these are clickable. Users can get visits on their sites from annotation links placed in their videos. Currently YouTube has close to 100 million individual annotations in the system and the rate of publishing is growing. Today, Google announced in YouTube Blog some important improvements to annotations to make it more easier. Google also announced that they are discontinuing the Collaborative Annotations feature.

Google made the following new improvements to annotations:
* A brand new annotation editor - based on user feedback, we overhauled the annotation editor and moved most of the functionality to a new side panel to streamline annotation creation, editing and deletion while leaving the player less cluttered.
* New annotation type – “Title” – Title annotations enable overlaying headlines, videos titles, credits and other “big text” on top of your video, just like you would with professional video editing tools.
* New Font size options – you can now select from a combined set of six font sizes.
* New color options – annotations are now available in 16 background colors and 14 font colors.

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