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5 Best and Reliable VPS (Virtual Private Server) Providers or Webhost

October 3rd, 2010 | by admin |

If you are a webmaster and having multiple websites then you must need to have a reliable webhosting to host all your website.Shared hosting is good if you have small number of visitors accessing your website same time because shared hostings have limited resources for every customer and thousands of websites are hosted on a single server.Its better to have VPS (Virtual Private Server) for better performance and support.You also won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars per month to have Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server.They are low cost and reliable

Virtualization is the future of hosting. It eliminates the restrictions of shared web hosting, and the expense and upkeep of dedicated servers. And, it’s kinder to the environment by more efficiently utilizing resources.

Now another difficult task comes of choosing a nice webhost to provide Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server.It better to choose a webhosting specializing in  Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server Don’t select a webhosting providing all type of hosting (Shared,Dedicated,VPS and other services).After reading this post you will have some names of webhosts specializing in  Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server.The  Virtual Private Server Providers,  i am gonna list are reliable,highly customized and well known in market.

1) Linode

Linode is a VPS hosting company built upon one simple premise: provide the best possible tools and services to those that know what they need — better hosting.

A Linode VPS means freedom. You get everything from the kernel and root access on up. All managed by their simple yet very powerful control panel.

Their plans starts from $19.95 per month with 512mb of ram,16gb of storage and 200gb of transfer.To check out all plans.Have alook at


*  London, GB, UK
* Newark, NJ, USA
* Atlanta, GA, USA
* Dallas, TX, USA
* Fremont, CA, USA

Linode has multiple linux distribution to choose from (CentOS,Ubuntu,Fedora and Slackware)

Payment methods accepted : Credit Card


VPS Cloud Hosting – Next Generation Web Hosting Build, test and deploy your website on our VPS.NET cloud in minutes and access limitless resources with instant scalability.

Need more resources? No problem! Unlike a dedicated server there are no commitments or lock-ins and with daily billing you’ll only pay for what you use.

Plans starts from $20 Per Month with# Dedicated CPU 0.6GHz,RAM 376MB,Storage 10GB and Bandwidth 250GB

Some nice features of

*  Build, test and deploy your server instantly
* Choice of operating systems
* Access limitless resources with instant scalability
* Self healing with automatic failover
* Daily billing – only pay for what you use
* Fully redundant gigabit network connectivity
* No commitment – upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime
* Easy to use management interface, API & full root access


*USA has lots of preconfigured templates of Multiple linux distribution to choose from (CentOS,Ubuntu and fedora).SO you won’t have to worry about installation and configuration if you are a non technical guy.

Payment methods accepted : Credit Card,Paypal

3) Slicehost

Sick of oversold, underperforming, ancient hosting companies. We took matters into our own hands. We built a hosting company for people who know their stuff. Give us a box, give us bandwidth, give us performance and we get to work. Fast machines, RAID-10 drives, Tier-1 bandwidth and root access. Managed with a customized Xen VPS backend to ensure that your resources are protected and guaranteed.

Some nice features of Slicehost

# 64-bit and 32-bit Linux images available
# Full root access and rebooting
# Choice of Linux distro
# Dedicated IP address and Tier-1 redundant bandwidth
# RAID-10 disk storage
# Reserved RAM
# Guaranteed CPU share and more when available
# 4-core servers running Xen virtualization instances
# Slicehost management portal for reboots and software installs
# iPhone and Android applications for mobile access

Plans starts from $20 per month Ram 256MB,Storage 10GB and Bandwidht 150GB



Payment methods accepted : Credit Card

Multiple linux distribution to choose from (CentOS,Ubuntu,Fedora and Slackware)

4) Spry

you need hosting, but not just any hosting: you know the time has come to move beyond the limitations of traditional shared hosting and the frustrations of managing dedicated hardware.

* Control:You need to have full root access to make your server work the way it’s supposed to.
* Performance:You won’t settle for a sluggish, over-sold server.
* Reliability:You want to know that your service is up and running day and night with expert support, and a top-tier network connection.
* Flexibility:Upgrades should take effect as fast as you can click a button – no hassles, no delays – so your VPS can adapt on-the-fly and weather heavy traffic surges.
* Affordable Pricing:You have no interest in overspending for features and services you don’t need.

Plans starts from $33 per month Ram 512MB,Storage 20GB,Bandwidth 1000GB and Dedicated IP 2



Payment methods accepted : Credit Card

Multiple linux distribution to choose from (Debian,Centos and Ubuntu)

5) VPSLand offers both Linux AND Windows VPS hosting plans! is proud to be one of the very first Virtual Private Server hosting companies to give our customers their choice of Enterprise Grade Linux VPS or Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 VPS hosting plans. All VPS servers are hosted on enterprise grade multi-core Hardware with a minimum of 24GB RAM and offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Some Features of VPSLand

* Dedicated IP Address
* Unlimited DNS Hosting
* Unlimited Tech Support
* Free Control Panel
* Free Backups
* Free Firewall Protection

Plans starts from $18 per month Ram 512MB,Storage 10GB and Bandwidht 250GB



Payment methods accepted : Credit Card

Multiple Linux Distributions (Cent OS ,Fedora,Ubuntu andDebian)

Windows Server VPS are also available

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