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AdSense Revenue Shares Revealed

May 25th, 2010 | by admin |

Today, first time Google shares AdSense Revenue Shares in it’s AdSense Blog. Publishers who uses AdSense for search get 51% revenue share.The AdSense for search revenue share has remained the same since 2005.Publishers who uses AdSense for content get 68% revenue share.Since launching AdSense for content in 2003, this revenue share has never changed.

AdSense also wrote that they cannot guarantee that the percentage of revenue shares will remain same all the time. But at the time they don’t have any plan to make changes in revenue share percentages.In the next few months Google AdSense will begin showing the revenue shares for AdSense for content and AdSense for search in the AdSense interface.

Meanwhile, Google is also testing new interface of AdSense. The new interface will offer some new features like more detailed reports with graphs and the ability to complete common actions in bulk etc. But the new interface is not available to everyone in AdSense. You will have to Fill out Google AdSense interest form, and they may include you in the beta test of the new interface.

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