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Samsung 19-inch Transparent AMOLED display

May 24th, 2010 | by admin |

Samsung always comes up with the new inventions and technology rather than just making products on old technology.Samsung introduced 14″ transparent AMOLED notebook at CES 2010 earlier this year.Now they are trying to attract more peoples by introducing 19-inch Transparent AMOLED display.The company has now achieved a 30 percent transparency on its designs.

To be very honest i never understand the reason behind creating these Transparent AMOLED displays.One side companies are working hard to introduce HD LCDs and monitors and on the other side they are introducing Transparent AMOLED display with 30 percent transparency.Do u think that we will get HD result in these displays.We won’t even able to focus on what we are watching because of transparency.

They only good thing about these AMOLED displays will be that they can be fitted anywhere.Sooner or later car windshield glass used as a department store window-clear display, or movies whenever and wherever the display appeared as avatars, to get the necessary information easily approached as a reality semyida scenes.

Via : Engadget

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