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How to copy all files from iPod/iPod touch to your computer

November 15th, 2009 | by admin |


If you want to copy songs from your computer to iPod then iTunes is perfect for you.It copies all the songs from your computer to your iPod/iPod touch quickly in just one click.iTunes also supports drag and drop.But when we talk about copying songs or any other files from iPod to your computer then we have to search for other alternatives as compying thousands of files from iPod is really time taking job if you are using iTunes.

In this tutorial i am going to show you how to copy all files from iPod to your computer.

First of all let me write down the requirements.

* An iPod – All iPods are compatible.
* A Computer
* 5 – 15 minutes of your time – this depends on how much content you have on your iPod
* iPod Access

First three requirements mentioned above are of you side.I have mentioned links below to download iPod access for windows and Mac and hope that now you have everything which is required.

Download iPod Access for Windows

Download iPod Access for Mac

Step 1

open iPod Access. If your iPod is not already in “Manual Mode” the program will prompt you to do so as it is neccessary when ripping your iPod

Step 2

Leave iPod Access to “Read” your iPod – iPod Access is basically scanning through your iPod finding your files.

Step 3

You will now notice that iPod Access has found all my music:

Step 4

If you scroll through your files you will notice that iPod Access has also recovered your Podcasts and Videos.

Step 5

Now click “Backup.

Step 6

Choose a directory to copy your files into and click “Ok.”

Step 7

Leave iPod Access to copy your files to your hard drive. This may take some time depending on the amount of songs and videos you have.

A short while later the process will finish and iPod Access will return to the default screen.

You are done.You now will have all the files in PC which you have in iPod.

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