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Download Google Chrome for Mac (Developer Preview)

October 23rd, 2009 | by admin |


After having a look on the lightweight and smooth performance of Google chrome all the Mac users must be waiting for Google Chrome to be available for Mac.Well the wait isn’t over yet  but hopefully it will be over very soon because the Developer preview of Google Chrome for Mac is officially available for Download.

One of Chrome’s defining features include title bar-based “top tabs,” which were much maligned when they appeared in betas of Safari 4.Google Chrome for Mac can also import all the setting (Bookmarks and Passwords)  from another browser e.g. Firefox or Safari.Chrome’s multi-process architecture also keeps one crashing tab from taking all your other tabs down with it.Google Chrome for Mac also has some nice and cool themes so that you can have a new look if you get bored after sometime.

This is still not a stable release of Google Chrome.Its a Developer Preview so you can expect some bugs in it.

Via : Arstechnica

Download : Google Chrome For Mac “Developer Preview”

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