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15 Blog Posts in which Authors hate Linux

September 19th, 2009 | by admin |


You must have read lots of blog posts on internet about Windows and Linux.Some posts say that windows is better but some say that Linux is better.While reading some posts about Linux i have realized that Linux users are most agressive than windows users.They start firing comments on any post which says that linux is bad.

In this post i am gonna list down the links of some blog posts in which Authors hate Linux.In these posts author have given their POV against Linux.Reading these posts and also the comments of these post was really interesting for me.Hopefully it will be interesting for you too.

1) Why I Hate Linux

2) Why Windows is better than Linux

3) Top 5 Ways Windows is Better Than Unix or Linux

4) Linux sucks, windows is better than linux

5) Windows 7 Better than Linux

6) Linux vs. Windows: Choice vs. Usability

7) Why Linux Sucks

8) Linux Sucks

9) Linux Sucks! Video from LinuxFest NW

10) 3 Reasons why we shouldn’t use Linux

11) Five reasons NOT to use Linux

12) 10 reasons not to use Linux

13) Some good reasons not to use Linux

14) The wrong reasons to use Linux

15) 10 Reasons You Should Not Switch To Linux

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