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Apple failed to bash PCs in it senseless new Mac Ad

May 16th, 2009 | by admin |

Microsoft vs Apple

In the answer of ‘Laptop Hunters’ ad campaign by Microsoft.Apple responded quickly by introducing their mac Ad.In this Ad apple is trying criticize windows on the basis of 3 points mentioned in Ad.But anybody having just a little sense about computer can easily say that this is Ad is totally senseless and most blender mistake done by Apple.In this post i am gonna write down the 3 points given in Ad.

In this New Mac Ad Apple criticizes Microsoft indirectly by using the word of PC which is being used by Microsoft.But keep one thing in Mind Microsoft sells Operating System not PCs.

First Point :

Girls Wants a Computer with Big Screen.

Is Microsoft Selling Big Screens or Operating system?

I think the answer is Operating system that can support all type of LCDs and Monitors (Small and large Size)Even dual monitors is also supported in windows.

Is having a big screen really difficult ?

You can easily buy a big screen LCD from Market which will cost you about $100 – $150 and if you have a look on the Apple LCDs they are too expensive as compare to others.

Second Point:

Girl Doesn’t want slow Computer.

Again my question is that is Microsoft selling PCs or Operating System ?

The answer is again Operating System and the speed of the computer depends upon Processing power and Memory not on the Operating System and apple is not doing anything special by providing high speed computers because they are charging too high.It depends on you that how much you wanna spend on PCs and all of us know that a Dual Core Dell system is much cheaper as compare to iMac.

Third Point :

We can consider third point to be valid because Mac is more secure and stable as compare to windows.But still according to my experience i have found windows to be very powerful and secure.I have windows Vista installed for more than 1 year and vista hasn’t bothered me a single time.Microsoft is working hard to make windows as much secure as possible so hopefull after the stable release of windows 7 hopefull the security will not be the concern in windows.

Conclusion :

On the basis of the point provided by apple in Ad.I think  that the first 2 points given by apple is just senseless and a blender mistake by apple coz apple is comparing Operating system with Hardware related issues.

I have embedded the new mac Ad in this post so just have alook and write what you think in comments.

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    5 Responses to “Apple failed to bash PCs in it senseless new Mac Ad”

  1. By Sam on May 16, 2009 | Reply

    How is that any different from what Microsoft did in its ad. Which if you watch them only talks about hardware and not operating systems.

    The first point you mention is the big screen. This is a direct statement trying to compare it to Lauren in the Microsoft ads. Yes you can buy a LCD screen for cheap, I understand that the apple is overpriced. But if you are going to bash Apple for an ad that is talking about hardware, look at all of Microsoft’s ads. I don’t think Apple was trying to say that it has better hardware, i believe it was trying to show yes they may have computers with this but we have OS X, which is less hassle than Vista.

    Next you point out that she doesn’t want a slow computer. Yes this is memory, not OS. Again countering a point made in the Microsoft ad.

    I agree that this ad does point out hardware, but in the third statement it ties it in to OS. Which in my book is better then the laptop hunters ads where there is nothing about Windows and how it is better then OS X. In previous Mac ads they only talk about operating systems and comparing Windows vs OS X. This is the first ad i have seen where Apple talks about hardware. So you call it a failure to bash PCs, however i say Microsoft’s ads were an even worst failure.

  2. By johnson on Jul 14, 2009 | Reply

    I think anybody having just a little sense about computer can easily say that this is Ad is totally senseless and most blender mistake done by Apple.

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