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Easily Remove GRUB with EasyBCD

February 18th, 2009 | by admin |

Some day’s ago my friend told me that he installed Fedora 10 in his PC but he dosen’t like it.Because Linux is difficult then Windows. Now he wants to remove Fedora 10 and return to Windows Vista.He also told me that he know how to remove linux drives using Disk Management Utility in Windows Vista but he dosen’t know how to remove Linux Boot (GRUB).I Searched Google to find how to Remove GRUB.While searching on Google i found a very good Software named EasyBCD.

With EasyBCD you can easily remove Linux Boot(GRUB).You can download EasyBCD From Here.After installing Start EasyBCD then Click “Manage BootLoader”.

(Click to Enlarge Image)

Now Click “Write MBR” to Restore Windows Vista Boot Loader and you have done.

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    One Response to “Easily Remove GRUB with EasyBCD”

  1. By Marty O. on Sep 29, 2010 | Reply


    After several attempt at “easy” anything for multi-boot/OS systems, I’ve found that good old Grub is still superior to any of these loaders that attempt to hide the difficulties before Door Number 3.

    The problem is really quite simple. It takes just a modicum of energy, reading, and IQ to use a most natural boot loader (Grub), and once understood, the concept than becomes trivial to adjust to any number of use cases.

    The issue is that people don’t want to “think.” Seriously, I mean not even a little. It’s like the trust babies here in southern Marin county. Returning after 28 years, there has been absolutely no difference in behavior, establishments, fake …, (both male and female), and contributions (or shall I say lack of) to society.I say come on world we’re ready for a takeover. No struggle, cause we’ll all be too stone.

    Have a nice day,

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