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How to repair a corrupted master boot record in windows xp

November 17th, 2008 | by admin |

If the master boot record of your computer gets corrupted because of a virus or any other problem like improper shutdown or electricity failure then you must have to repair it otherwise you will be getting an error with blue screen saying that the master boot record is corrupted or something similar to this.

This has happened to me yesterday when i started my computer it just kept on restarting this problem also happened with me before some day so i pressed F8 while the computer goes for boot and then selected last good known configuration and then everything was OK but this time this option also didn’t worked for me.

If you face the same problem and your system kept on restarting you need to first have a look at How to disable automatic system restart on crash.
So you can see the actual error rather than restarting.
After having a look at the error if the error is related to master boot record then you need to perform steps given below.

First Method
As i also mentioned above that i also tried another method for this problem which was last good know configuration.
1) Press and keep on pressing F8 while computer goes for booting into windows
2) You will have several options available on screen.
3) Select last good known configuration and press enter
4) If you successfully boot into windows then first perform drive clean up then install CCleaner
and delete all the temporary files and you are done!
5) Now your PC should be working smoothly.

If first method doesn’t work then try second method it works 100%.

Second Method
1)You can boot to the XP cd and when you see the “Welcome to setup” message, press the letter R.
2)You will then get a DOS prompt.
3)Then type: chkdsk /p [enter]
4)When that is done type: fixboot [enter]
5)Type: Y at the next prompt [enter]
6)Then type: exit [enter]
7)The system will now reboot into Windows and everything should be working now.

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