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How to create a Bootable USB Flash drive.

October 11th, 2008 | by admin |

Nowadays USB sticks are becoming more and more popular and making our life easy and due to these USB sticks CD-ROMs are becoming obsolete  because USB stick are reliable and easy to use.USB sticks also have the capability to boot your system so in this post i am sharing the method of how to create a botable USB Flash drive.The method is simple and quick and you also don’t need to have lots of softwares to create a bootable USB Flash drive.

First of all let me tell you what the thing you will require to create a bootable USB Flash drive.

1) USB Stick
2) HP USB Flash Drive Format Tool (click here to download.Password =
3) Win98 Boot Disk (click here to download.Password =

Now the method starts.

1) Install HP USB Flash Drive Format Tool you have downloaded earlier.

2) Extract Win98 Boot Disk files to somewhere in your harddrive You have also downloaded the file earlier.

3) Launch HP USB Flash Drive Format Tool.

4) HP USB Flash Drive Format Tool will automatically detect the USB stick you have connected to your system.

5) Now select the filesystem. (FAT or FAT32)

6) Check Create a DOS startup disk.

7) Using DOS system files located at and then select the location where you have extracted Win98 Boot Disk files.

8) Now Click start button and the formatting will start and in some minutes you will have your bootable USB Flash drive ready.

Note : Before Clicking on start button always have a backup of your data which is in USB because you USB stick will be formatted and all the data will be lost.

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